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Illegal dumping is a widespread problem that affects our quality of life. Besides being unsightly to look at, dumping also negatively impacts our natural environment and property values. Everyone in the County pays for the cost of cleanups. For every dollar spent to clean up an illegal dumpsite, that’s one less dollar that can be utilized for other programs. If a dump site is not cleaned up immediately, more people will contribute their garbage to the pile. Illegal dumpsites attract vermin/vectors, kills vegetation, and habitat, contributes to water pollution, flooding, erosion, and even fires.

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Reporting Dumping in City Limits
City of Capitola
City of Santa Cruz
City of Scotts Valley
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Did You Know?

Fines and Penalties start at $100 for first time violations. The fine increases to $200 for second offenses and $500 for the third violation within one year.

Illegal Dumping Ordinance

The County may only abate illegal dumpsites that are located on public property. Illegal dumpsites on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.


Curbside Collection

Curbside Collection

GreenWaste customers are allowed three bulky items per calendar year! Customers may also make appointments for four extra trash pick-ups per year.


Disposal Sites

Santa Cruz County Residents:

Buena Vista Landfill
1231 Buena Vista Drive, Watsonville

Ben Lomond Transfer Station
9835 Newell Creek Road, Ben Lomond

Santa Cruz City Residents:

City of Santa Cruz
Resource Recovery Facility
605 Dimeo Lane, Santa Cruz

This is Illegal Dumping

not free
Many people leave boxes curbside with free signs. When they are reported to the County, local trash collection crews remove the items. Please donate or dispose of items responsibly.

Drop Box Haulers

Unincorporated county area commercial waste hauling is regulated by County ordinance. These haulers have signed formal agreements to abide by locally-established safety and performance standards.
A+ Construction
Coast Dumpster (Ace Coast Services, Inc.)
GreenWaste Recovery
Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
RJR Environmental Professional Services, Inc.
Tope's Tree Service, Inc.
Watsonville Metals